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Welcome to Physics Resources Page!

Free Physics video lecture courses by eminent faculty:
This website provides free physics video lecture courses conducted by eminent faculties of reputed institutions like MIT. The course includes topics like Units and Dimensions, Vectors, Velocity and Acceleration, 3D-Kinematics, Newton's Laws, Work and Energy, Friction, Collisions, Impulse, Static Equilibrium, Circular Motion, Hooke's Law, Angular Momentum, Kepler's Laws, Elasticity, Simple Harmonic Motion, Hydrostatics, Doppler Effect, Heat, Electricity, Magnetism Kinetic Gas Theory, Quantum Physics and much more. The courses are varied and provide an opportunity for learners to enhance their knowledge. Please note that this website will be updated daily to include more free video lecture courses including new features which will be launched shortly...
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Free Physics Animations:
Learning research has demonstrated that visualizing processes in three dimensions aids learning, and animations are effective visualization tools for novice learners and aid with long-term memory retention. Our Physics animations section includes superb animations on topics like Projectile Motion, Galilean Relativity, Newton's Cradle, Hooke's Law, Simple Harmonic Motion and lot more...
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